Corporate Profile

Ratnajeet serves as a distributor and trader of Commodity and Engineering Polymer in Eastern India. The company is part of the family owned business, established in the year 1965.

Since then, we have constantly sought to keep up with the global trend and meet the demands of the industry. Our philosophy of always being an organised and efficient distributor / trader and our relentless drive has spurred remarkable success.

With deep insight and knowledge of the industry, we have a competitive edge. Our constant endeavour to observe and learn keeps us updated and future ready.

Our Office cum Warehouse, WB

DCA / Distributor of

Excellence and Trust

Our total commitment to quality excellence and customer service helped us achieve a leading position in the market.

Based on our business philosophy, we have cultivated the trust over the years. This is the most fundamental and valuable asset of our business.

Corporate Vision

We intend to develop a wide distribution network, add value to the ongoing business, adapt to the innovation in the industry, contributing broadly to our principles and clients, to grow as the leading distribution/trading company for mutual growth.

Our mission is to ensure the highest standard quality for the product and services, by providing excellent pre and post sales, service and support.

Why Choose Us?

We aim to surpass client expectations through reliability, quality and consistency.


The world is full of risk and uncertainty due to global volatilities. With the help of our experience which is cultivated over a few decades, we are aware of the industry practice and development. With time we have successfully set up our infrastructure and manpower fully equipped to keep in close touch with global markets and delivering quality advice and services.


We add value to our services by means of our rich experience and research. We have a close network of associates around the world to catch up with the latest news and events. After all, the past two decades have been marked by incredible progress and innovation.


We are proud to cater to major segments of the industry whether it is corporate, institutional, PSU and SME. We comply with the most stringent professional requirement. At the same time, we are flexible for the SME sector where a tailor-made solution is required.


We have various means and tools for understanding and executing the unique requirements of each client. We believe that our clients should focus on their core activity rather being hassled with procurement issue such as pricing, trend, discount, logistics, communication etc.


As the world economies are growing very fast, business processes are getting complex due to constant changes. With our experience of ages, we manage to minimize these complexities by our efficient and robust platform.